The Charles P. Bell Conservation Scholarship

The Charles P. Bell Conservation Scholarships are sponsored by the Conservation Foundation of Missouri Charitable Trust and the Conservation Federation of Missouri. The scholarships are named for Charles P. Bell, a past president of the CFM, whose family provided major funding for this program.

Eight scholarships are awarded each year. There is one graduate level scholarship in the amount of $600, one undergraduate scholarship in the amount of $500, and six scholarships for elementary, high school or youth group projects each in the amount of $250.

The graduate and undergraduate applicants must be enrolled in a field of study related to management of natural resources, specifically fish, wildlife, forest, soil, and water. Applicants must be Missouri residents, and those applicants enrolled in Missouri schools will be given preference. Undergraduate applicants must have earned at least 60 hours of college credit. The following information must be submitted with each application.

  • Applicants must provide three letters of recommendation with the application (may be teachers, employers, or other persons acquainted but not related to you).
  • Applicants must list community and school activities.
  • Undergraduate applicants must provide a copy of his/her high school transcript and college transcript; Graduate applicants must provide a copy of his/her college transcript.
  • Applicant should give a profile of his/her work experience, if applicable.
  • Applicant should make a statement of need and explain how he/she intends to use the scholarship.
  • Applicants must provide a copy of an acceptance letter to the university or graduate school (as applicable) he/she will be attending.

Elementary, High School, Youth Group scholarships will be awarded to Missouri elementary or high school classes or youth groups who have ongoing or proposed projects related to natural resource conservation, especially those which entail education and physical involvement in the protection of the natural environment. Applicants must include the names of the teacher, class or group, and school, and addresses for the teacher and school should also be included. The applicants must describe the objectives of and procedures used in the project. An essay with the theme of how the project will benefit the community should also be included. The application must have the signature and title of a school superintendent or principal.

Elementary, High School, or Youth Group – Youth Group Scholarship Form
Undergraduate - Undergraduate Scholarship Form
Graduate - Graduate Scholarship Form

For all scholarships, applications and letters of recommendations must be received by January 15.

All materials must be submitted to:
Bell Scholarships
728 West Main Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101-1559

If you have questions about the scholarships, email us.

Ed Stegner Natural Resource Scholarships

(A Foundation-funded Program)

The Foundation’s Ed Stegner Natural Resource Scholarships were established to provide major financial aid to encourage and assist students in five areas of natural resource management: fisheries, forestry, wildlife, parks and recreation and soil and water conservation.  Funding for this scholarship program was provided to the Foundation by Ed Stegner of Pilot Grove, Missouri.  A Master Conservationist, Stegner is the former executive director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri, and is especially known for his leadership role in the passage of the 1/8th of 1% conservation sales tax to fund the Conservation Department’s expanded program, Design for Conservation.

The Foundation’s Ed Stegner Natural Resource Scholarships are a joint venture with the professional societies in the five different resource areas – i.e., the Missouri chapters of the Wildlife Society, American Fisheries Society and the Society of American Foresters, Missouri Parks and Recreation Association and the Show-Me Chapter, Soil and Water Conservation Society.  These groups provide selection committees that pick the recipients in the respective categories. Once selected, the scholarship recipients are notified and each is presented a check in the amount of $1,000.00.

Applicants must be Missouri residents from any county or city in the state who are or plan to be enrolled as an undergraduate at a Missouri college or university in the chosen discipline of study.  Preference will be given to individuals with a demonstrated financial need.  Applications and supporting materials must be submitted by December 31. Procedures and application are on the reverse side.

How You Can Help

Scholarships are one of the Foundation’s major areas of interest.  You can contribute directly to this or any of the Foundation’s established scholarship funds or establish a scholarship in your own name through the Foundation.  You can also contribute through your workplace giving campaign under the Earth Share of Missouri federation.  Federal employees can give in the Combined Federal Campaign by using code 67305.superintendent or principal.

Ed Stegner Scholarship Application (Undergraduate)

To make application for a scholarship you must complete and submit the above form to the Conservation Foundation of Missouri Charitable Trust, 728 W. Main, Jefferson City, MO 65101-1559 by December 31.

If you have questions about the scholarships, email us.