Conservation Leadership Corps

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The Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) has long been a catalyst for engaging citizens in conserving Missouri’s natural resources.

With the growth of urban areas and increased population, it is essential that the strong conservation heritage of Missourians be passed on from generation to generation.

To achieve this goal, the CFM sponsors a special multi-year program. The Conservation Leadership Corps (CLC) offers high school and college students a unique opportunity to influence conservation policy and actions.

The CLC promotes leadership for the next generation by engaging students in the politics of conservation. Students develop personal conservation leadership skills that requires teamwork with their peers.

The goal of the program is that no matter where their chosen careers lead them, e.g., lawyer, doctor, accountant, engineer, journalist, forester, wildlife biologist, etc., the CLC participants are prepared to personally influence policy and actions that will contribute to the conservation of Missouri’s natural resources.

 To be nominated for the CLC program students must have demonstrated achievement in organized conservation activities through school projects, 4-H, FFA, Quail Academy, Conservation Honors, Environthon, Stream Team, Scouting, etc. Students are eligible for CLC from the time they become high school Juniors until they receive their undergraduate college degrees. They may participate in CLC for three years.

Student Conservation Achievement Award

Students who complete three years as a member of the CLC and a conservation-related college curriculum are eligible to apply for the esteemed “Student Conservation Achievement Award”.

Students who apply for the SCA Award must explain how their college degree has contributed to their ability to participate in conservation activities in their careers. Recipients of the SCA earn recognition for their exceptional achievements as students and are acknowledged as tomorrow’s conservation leaders.


To learn more about the CLC, view this informational pdf.