Affiliate Board Elections

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2024 Nominees

(4 positions open)
Ryan Coovert
Missouri Hunting Heritage Federation, Inc.
April Hoffman
Wild Souls Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
Jean Nock
Dark Sky Missouri
Eric Rahm
Missouri American Fisheries Society
Voting in this election will take place electronically from January 1-31, 2024.  Please let your voice be heard. The nominee’s bio and short videos will allow you to hear them express their views.  Once ready, click the vote button for the official CFM Affiliate Board Ballot.

The Nominating Committee is now seeking nominations for the 2024 election.  Nominations are being sought for the following positions:

  • Affiliate At-large board members (4 positions) Elected board members will serve a three-year term (2027)

1. To read the descriptions and preferred qualifications,  HERE.
2. To read the expectations for a board member,  HERE.
3. Complete the nomination form, and upload a photo and short biography HERE.
4. Submit nomination documents no later than November 15, 2023.

  • Affiliate Board Member Election Process 

The following process will be used to elect four affiliate representatives to join the CFM Board at the conclusion of the CFM Convention.

August – Nominating committee formed by volunteers.  

  • Meet to discuss and revise nomination documents and processes of the annual election cycle. 
  • Finalize nomination form and accompanying materials:
  • Nomination form to include affiliate membership, the primary interest of affiliate, the commitment of the nominee to represent all affiliates, any prior experience with CFM including committees, board membership, etc., and other information determined by the nominating committee.
  • Board member job description (from new board member manual)

September  – Description of the nomination and election process.

  • Cover letter/memo distributed electronically and by direct mail to Affiliates
  • Announce in the E-newsletter
  • Announce at Affiliate Summit

September (after Summit) – November 15 

  • Send multiple requests for nominations/reminders to all affiliates with a deadline of November 15.
  • Solicit all CFM Affiliates to nominate one member from each affiliate to run for an Affiliate CFM board member position for a three-year term.

November 15

  • Nominations due to CFM
  • CFM notifies nomination packets are available to the committee, along with the rating documents. 

November 15-30

  • The committee solicits additional nominees if fewer than four nominations are received.
  • The committee screens each nominee to ensure they meet the minimum qualifications for candidacy to the board and willingness and commitment to serve, and current individual memberships in the affiliate and CFM. 
  • The committee develops an accurate list of all qualifying nominees.  The list will include the affiliate the nominee is associated with.
  • Notify all candidates of their nomination status; approved or disapproved. 


  • Candidates are to submit a 90-second video, photo, and bio to be posted on the website by December 15th.
  • Create an electronic ballot to be used for the voting process with each affiliate mailed a special voting ID number.
  • Distribute the list of candidates to all Affiliate member organizations prior to the December 31st deadline noting that up to four candidates will be elected to Affiliate board positions and winners will be announced at the Affiliate luncheon at the annual convention.
  • Select a committee member to announce the elected board members at the CFM Board meeting on Sunday morning of the annual convention.

December 15

  • Mail the voting process instructions to the organization president/director on file along with affiliates’ special voting ID number.  Only 1 vote per affiliate will be accepted. 
  • Notify the affiliate of the voting process and dates by email.

January 1 – 31

  • The online voting ballot will be on the CFM Affiliate Board Nomination webpage.

February 1 – February 10

  • Voting results are reviewed for accuracy and counted by CFM. 
  • If a tie is determined, the CFM Board President randomly selects the candidate to serve on the board from among the tied candidates.  The tie-breaking activity will be witnessed by at least one other CFM board or staff member who can attest to the randomness by which the selection was made.


  • The results of the new Affiliate Board members will be announced 
  • Elected representatives announced at Sunday morning Board of Directors meeting**

**Or at the general membership meeting at the time of election of officers and at-large board members.