Affiliate Board Elections

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The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates to run for 12 affiliate board positions.  Of the 12 board positions, 4 will serve a 3-year term, 4 will serve a 2-year term, and 4 will serve a 1-year term. 

1. To read the descriptions and preferred qualifications, click HERE.
2. To read the expectations for a board member, click HERE.
3. Complete the nomination form, upload photo, and short biography HERE.
4. Submit nomination documents no later than January 25, 2022.

Voting in this election will take place electronically from February 7-18, 2022. Please let your voice be heard. The nominee’s bio and short videos will give you a chance to hear nominees express their views.  Once you are ready, click on the vote button for the official CFM Affiliate Board Ballot.


(12 positions open)
John Blankenbeker
Missouri BASS Nation
Kathie Brennan
Ozark Trail Association
Steve Brewer
Missouri Coalition for the Environment
Dawn Griffard
World Bird Sanctuary
Eric Rahm
Missouri Chapter of the American Fisheries Society
Peter VanLinn
Missouri Park and Recreation Association
Nevin Waters
DuckHorn Outdoors Adventures
Tom Westhoff
Missouri Trappers Association
Laurie Wilson
Forest & Woodland Association of Missouri
Shirley Wolverson
Missouri Parks Association
Susan Wrasmann
Stream Teams United
Dan Zerr
National Wild Turkey Federation

Affiliate Board Member Election Process – 2021-2022

The following process will be used to elect up to 12 affiliate representatives to the CFM Board at the March 2022 CFM Convention. The structure of the vote order will determine the term limits. The top 4 group will have a 3-year term, the next group of 4 will have a 2-year term, and the final group of 4 will have a 1-year term.  This one-time structure will establish a new staggered election process.

December 2021 – Nominating committee formed by volunteers.

  • Met to discuss and revise nomination documents and process from the 2019-2020 election cycle.
  • Began development of nomination form and accompanying materials.

January 2022 – Finalize nomination form and accompanying materials:

  • Nomination form to include:  affiliate membership, primary interest of affiliate, commitment of the nominee to represent all affiliates, any prior experience with CFM including committees, board membership, etc., and other information determined by the Nominating Committee
  • Board member job description (from new board member manual)
  • Description of the nomination and election process
  • Cover letter/memo
  • Send multiple requests for nominations/reminders to all affiliates with a deadline of January 25, 2022.
  • Solicit all CFM Affiliates for one nominee from each affiliate to run for CFM board member.

January 25, 2022

  • Nominations due to committee.

January 26- February 4, 2022

  • Committee solicits additional nominees if needed (i.e. if <12 nominations are received)
  • Committee checks each nominee for minimum qualifications, willingness and commitment to serve, and current membership in the affiliate and CFM
  • Committee documents an accurate list of each qualifying nominee with their affiliate memberships and a short resume/description of each nominee
  • Nominees to submit a 90-second video, photo, and biography to be posted on the CFM website
  • Create an electronic ballot to be used for the voting process with each affiliate mailed a special voting ID number.
  • Publish this list to all affiliate member organizations prior to February 7 deadline noting that up to 12 nominees will be voted on for CFM board positions and to be announced at the luncheon
  • Determine who will announce the elected board members at the CFM Board meeting on Sunday morning of the annual convention

January 2022

  • Voting process sent in the mail along with affiliates’ special voting ID number from January 4 – January 31, 2022. Only 1 vote per affiliate will be accepted.

February 7- 18, 2022

  • Online voting will be opened on the CFM Affiliate Board Nomination website.

February 21-28, 2022.

  • Votes reviewed, if a tie is determined; a tie-breaker vote will be sent out by online vote using the special voting ID assigned to affiliates.

March 2022

  • The results of the new Affiliate Board members will be announced
  • There will be a CFM Board orientation at the CFM Annual Convention on Saturday, March 12, 2022
  • Elected representatives announced at Sunday morning Board of Directors meeting**

**Or at a general membership meeting at the time of the election of officers and at-large board members.