CFM Board Candidates

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CFM Affiliate Board Nomination

The following process will be used to elect up to 12 affiliate representatives to the CFM Board at the March 2020 CFM Convention.

1. Affiliate Board Interest-Nomination Form for 2019

2. Affiliate Director Nominee Questionnaire

3. Board Expectations Form

4. Board Job Description for 2019



August 2019 – Nominating committee formed by volunteers.

  • Meet to discuss and revise nomination documents and process from the 2017-2018 election cycle.
  • Begin development of nomination form and accompanying materials.

September 2019 – Finalize nomination form and accompanying materials:

  • Nomination form to include affiliate membership, primary interest of affiliate, commitment of nominee to represent all affiliates, any prior experience with CFM including committees, board membership, etc., and other information determined by the nominating committee.
  • Board member job description (from new board member manual)
  • Description of the nomination and election process.
  • Cover letter/memo

October- November 15, 2019

  • Send multiple requests for nominations/reminders to all affiliates with the deadline of November 15, 2019.
  • Solicit all CFM Affiliates for one nominee from each affiliate to run for CFM board member for a two-year term concurrent with that of the president.

November 15, 2019

  • Nominations due to committee.

November 15- December 2019

  • Committee solicits additional nominees if needed (i.e. if <12 nominations are received).
  • Committee checks each nominee for minimum qualifications, willingness and commitment to serve, and current membership in the affiliate and CFM.
  • Committee documents an accurate list of each qualifying nominee with their affiliate memberships and short resume/description of each nominee.
  • Nominees to submit a 2-minute video or photo with a letter to be posted on the website.
  • Create an electronic ballot to be used for the voting process with each affiliate mailed a special voting ID number.
  • Publish this list to all Affiliate member organizations prior to January 31, 2020 deadline noting that up to 12 nominees will be voted on for CFM board positions and to be announced at the luncheon.
  • Determine who will announce the elected board members at the CFM Board meeting on Sunday morning of the annual convention.

January 2020

  • Voting process sent in the mail along with affiliates’ special voting ID number from January 4 – January 31, 2020. Only 1 ballot per affiliate will be accepted.

February 1- 15, 2020

  • Online voting will be opened on the CFM Affiliate Board Nomination website.

February 16-28, 2020.

  • Votes reviewed if a tie is determined; a tie-breaker vote will be sent out by online vote using the special voting ID assigned to affiliates.

March 2020

  • The results of the new Affiliate Board members will be announced
  • Elected representatives announced at Sunday morning Board of Directors meeting**
  • Elected Affiliate Board member’s 2-year term will begin on March 9, 2020.

**Or at general membership meeting at the time of election of officers and at-large board members.