CFM Affiliate, Missouri Taxidermy Association, 39th Annual Convention and Competition Show

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The Missouri Taxidermy Association held its 39th Annual Convention and Competition Show at Lodge of the Four Seasons, in Lake of the Ozarks on August 3-5, 2019. I was honored to attend again this year and be a judge for the Conservation Federation of Missouri Award during the competition.

Facts of Taxidermy:

Taxidermy dates back to the time of Egyptians. They mummified their cats, dogs, and other animals at their death. In a way, this is a form of taxidermy. It was all about preserving the bodies after death.

There is a mounting of a rhinoceros in a museum in Italy that is said to be the oldest mounting in the history of taxidermy. The mounting is believed to have been done in the 16th century. The preservation techniques were good enough that the mounting of the rhinoceros is still in great shape.

Taxidermy became very popular during the Victorian era. People would go on their travels and want a memento of where they had been.

This is my second year attending this show and supporting our CFM affiliate, Missouri Taxidermy Association. It’s truly an honor to witness these artists that preserve these animals. They have a passion and understanding of why conservation of our wildlife is so important. To watch the judges view every inch of a mount and provide feedback to help the artist grow, I am mesmerized.

As I connected with each taxidermist that stopped by the CFM booth, there was a common message they wanted to pass on to you. Before you hunt your trophy animal, please know what your taxidermist asks from you as a hunter. For example, maybe your taxidermist would like you to cut a little extra for the cape. Or, maybe they would like for you to bring it to their shop to help you correctly cut off the hide. Whichever is the case, it’s always best to contact your taxidermist and touch base with them before heading out in the field. Find out how they want you to prep the cape in the field and find out their hours of operation.

Thank you, Missouri Taxidermy Association, for allowing the Conservation Federation of Missouri to be a part of your annual convention.

Michelle Gabelsberger, Membership Development Coordinator for CFM


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