The Best Local Fish to Pair with Local Wines

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Guest blog by: Missouri Wine

An abundance of rivers, lakes and streams means Missouri is full of great spots to relax with your reel in the water. Whatever may be biting, there’s a local, award-winning wine to go with your catch of the day. Try out these recipes and pairing ideas:

Trout Stuffed with a Crab is delicious with a crisp, citrusy Vidal Blanc; and Uncle Dean’s recipe for whole trout on the grill is perfect with a Seyval Blanc.

This recipe for Crappie Francaise is a great way to dress up crappie. Use Chardonel in the recipe and then enjoy a glass with the finished dish. Delicious! Pecan Crusted Crappie makes for a great dinner and pairs well with a glass of dry Vignoles.

If you like spicy food, try this recipe for Cajun Carp and don’t forget the Traminette. Another easy and delicious way to enjoy carp is marinated, skewered and grilled, like in this recipe for Asian Carp on a Stick. Sip on some Vignoles with this slightly sweet and spicy dish.

This Bass, Bacon and Arugula Sandwich is a great way to enjoy your latest catch, especially alongside a glass of Chardonel.

Walleye works really well thinly sliced, lightly crusted with a cornmeal mixture and fried to crispy deliciousness. The bubbles in a sparkling wine pair perfectly with this recipe.

Catfish is great fried, but take it one step further with these Catfish Tacos and grab a glass of rosé to make it complete.

Do you have suggestions for a Missouri Wine that pairs well with a fish? Let us know!


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