Wild Game and Missouri Wines

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Hunting is very popular in Missouri; more than 575,000 people hunt every year in the “Show Me” State. If you, your friends or family are part of that impressive number, than you know how delicious wild game can be. What’s better than the hearty, local meats you bring home? Pairing them perfectly with locally crafted, award-winning wines!

Most game meats have a rich, distinct and wild flavor. These flavors pair incredibly well with two Missouri red wine varietals in particular. Norton, the official state grape of Missouri, is often touted to have gamey notes that complement wild game very well. Chambourcin is regularly described as earthy, and what pairs better with rich, wild meat than a wine embodying earthiness in which the meat lived? Remember, what grows together goes together!

Wild game such as venison, duck, goose and turkey could all be paired with a delicious Missouri Norton or Chambourcin for a delicious meal. However, the way the meats are prepared does affect which wines they match. Try these recipes with your favorite wild game this season alongside a perfectly paired local wine.



  • This recipe for Sassafras-Marinated Mallard Sataywill not disappoint with a glass of local Chambourcin red wine.
  • Duck Gumbois a delicious way to enjoy the richness of wild duck, especially when you add a glass of Norton.


  • A simple roasted goosewhen prepared correctly is a real treat, but it only gets better when paired with a glass of Missouri dry rosé wine.
  • This recipe for Wild Goose Breasts with Orange Glazeis slightly sweet, tangy and overall delightful when paired with a glass of rich Missouri Traminette.


  • If you try this Roasted Wild Turkeyrecipe you may never go back to store-bought. Pair it with a glass of Missouri Chardonel.
  • This Wild Turkey Tortilla Soupmay not be traditional, but it sure is tasty! A Missouri Vignoles would be a nice match for this somewhat spicy soup.

Whatever wild game you bring home this year, there’s a locally crafted, Missouri wine that will pair perfectly!


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