American Cervid Alliance Falsifies Missouri News Article

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Jefferson City, Mo | March 6, 2015 – The Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) condemns the recent actions taken by the American Cervid Alliance in publishing a false op-ed piece in several Missouri newspapers. The piece was represented as if it had been written by Rep. Bryan Spencer.

Rep. Spencer notified The Joplin Globe on March 5 that the column recently published was not written by him. The piece called for reform of the Missouri Department of Conservation and was released to newspapers across the state under his name. Only the first paragraph, he said, was his and it was part of his Capitol report. To read The Joplin Globe’s statement, click here.

“The American Cervid Alliance, under false pretenses, tried to mislead Missouri citizens to further their private agenda. This is a sad example of a small private interest group putting Missouri citizens’ natural resources at risk in order to further their personal agenda,” said Brandon Butler, Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri.

“In light of the American Cervid Alliance’s past actions regarding chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Missouri, conservationists have to ask, ‘What other information have they not been truthful about?'” continued Butler.

The American Cervid Alliance is the national group representing captive cervid (deer, elk, and exotic animal) breeding and high fence shooting facilities.


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