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Tyler Schwartze
Executive Director, Editor

Tyler is responsible for implementing CFM’s mission, goals, policies and procedures with respect for Missouri’s rich conservation heritage. He serves as the editor of CFM’s publication, Conservation Federation. He has lived his entire life in Missouri and brings passionate experience and sound judgement in protecting and promoting our wildlife and natural resources.    

Micaela Haymaker
Director of Operations

 Micaela is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CFM. She handles all the finances of the organization, Share the Harvest program, National Archery in the School Program (NASP) and Operation Game Thief. Micaela is also the Secretary/Treasurer of the Conservation Foundation of Missouri Charitable Trust.  Micaela is heavily involved in both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Micaela is passionate about the outdoors and loves to go camping, canoe/kayaking, swimming, hiking, fishing and sit around a campfire with friends.

Nick Darling
Education and Communications Coordinator

Nick is responsible for the development and implementation of youth initiatives and public outreach at CFM. He coordinates the Conservation Leadership Corps (CLC) and Missouri Collegiate Conservation Alliance (MCCA) and is working on expanding the CFM Young Professionals group. Nick enjoys all things outdoors and is a passionate sports fan.

Michelle Gabelsberger
Membership Manager

Michelle is responsible for the development of membership and managing affiliate partnerships.

Joan VanderFeltz
Administrative Assistant

Joan maintains the membership database, process renewal notices, manage and process all financial contributions, and perform various additional administrative duties as needed.

Development Coordinator