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Resource Advisory Committee List– This list shows the names of the Committee and examples of topics for each.

Committee Membership Request Form– If you would like to serve on any Resource Advisory Committee (RAC), please submit this form to Executive Director, Tyler Schwartze or Director of Operations, Micaela Haymaker.

Member/Affiliate Request for Conservation Issue Review – Any member of the Federation may request consideration or review of a relevant conservation issue or topic. You must include enough detail so that anyone reading about, or assigned to your submission understands the exact nature of the conservation issue. For pre-filed resolutions to be presented at the annual convention, this form needs to be submitted to Executive Director, Tyler Schwartze and/or Director of Operations, Micaela Haymaker by December 15.

Steps for Resolution Process – Steps for the process of a Resolution to be presented at the Convention.

CFM Resolutions ProcessComplete Details of Process

Tips for Successful Resolutions

Resolution Flow Charts