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Built in Lamar, Mo., by the dedicated staff of Redneck Outdoor Products, LLC, Redneck Blinds manufactures a wide variety of products for the outdoor industry, but are best-known for best-quality hunting blinds. Be assured that despite their unique name there is nothing Redneck about the company’s products. They strive to provide high quality unique products that are designed for hunters by hunters.

When Danny Little, CEO of Redneck Blinds, was asked to support CFM’s mission through a donation, he without hesitation donated one of his top-of-the-line Predator 360 5×6 Crossover Blind with 10ft stand. This blind will be up for auction at CFM’s 80th Annual Convention along with other outstanding items. One lucky CFM member will be hunting in style and comfort, not only during the 2016 season but for years to come.


Redneck Blinds’ Predator 360 5×6 Crossover with 10ft stand


With vertical and horizontal windows, the Predator 360 5×6 Crossover gives you plenty of room, visibility and angles to make a perfect shot when the animal your hunting presents itself. It easily fits either two adults or one adult and two children.

Missouri’s weather is as cagey as a late-season buck, but The Predator 360 Cross Over is the Cadillac of hunting blinds so rest assured come high winds or high water, you’ll be protected from the elements. Made from long-lasting fiberglass with a maintenance-free gel-coat finish, the 2″ roof overhang keeps rain off the windows, giving you a clear view of your hunting grounds. Marine-carpeted floor and lower walls dampen any noises you might make, helping you stay concealed. Shelves and gun holders help organize your blind. The large tinted, tempered automotive-glass windows with whisper-quiet window hinges provide a clear view. These same automotive window gaskets and molding keep your blind dry and bug-free. Fiberglass bottom prevents rotting and damage. The blind comes completely assembled. Instructional DVD and complete printed instructions to ensure safe setup.

Most importantly, they are made in Missouri, so supporting Redneck Blinds supports our outdoors and economy.

Want to find out more? Visit Redneck’s website, and while you’re there, take a break and check out their hunting blogs which showcase how to hunt different game using different methods

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Redneck “The Predator” 360 5×6 Crossover Blind

  • Vertical and horizontal windows
  • Made from long-lasting fiberglass
  • 2″ roof overhang keeps rain off the windows
  • Marine-carpeted floor and lower walls dampen noise
  • Shelves and gun holders help organize your blind
  • Large tinted tempered, automotive-glass windows
  • Instructional DVD and complete printed instructions included

Interior: 80″H x 68″W x 59″D.
Exterior : 82″H x 72″W x 63″D.
Front window: 14″L x 26″W.
Door window: 9.5″L x 18″W.
Side windows: 14″H x 25″W.
Corner windows : 9.5″H x 46″W.
Wt: 330 lbs.




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