Governor Nixon, Please Protect Missouri’s Wild Deer with Veto of Captive Cervid Bill

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Contact the Governor’s office and ask him to veto SB506 and HB1326

 Legislation to reclassify captive white-tailed deer from wildlife to livestock has passed out of the General Assembly and is now sitting on the Governor’s desk to be signed as law.

 During the House floor debate of SB506 and HB1326, several Representatives filed amendments to strip the captive cervid language from the bill, but were unsuccessful in being recognized on the floor. Since they were not recognized, their amendments could not be debated and voted on as a standalone issue. Instead of being able to actually debate the captive cervid bill, Representatives were forced to vote on a good agricultural bill that included the captive cervid language. Now those good legislative proposals must suffer, as we strongly encourage Governor Nixon to veto SB506 and HB1326.

 Both the Department of Conservation and the Department of Agriculture oppose the captive cervid legislation. We are asking Governor Nixon to please support the stances of these respective agencies, and oppose this legislation, as well. The Conservation Federation of Missouri, several national level conservation organizations, concerned citizens and hunters have testified in opposition of the legislation.

If you are one of the nearly 520,000 deer hunters or one of the millions of wildlife watchers in Missouri who has yet to take a stand in support of protecting our wild deer herd from the spread of deadly diseases, like Chronic Wasting Disease, then you must join the fight now. Send Governor Nixon a letter or email asking him to please Veto SB506 and HB1326.

 The future of deer hunting in Missouri depends on your action today.

 Send letters to:

Office of Governor Jay Nixon

P.O. Box 720

Jefferson City, MO 65102

 Click here to send an email:

 Call: (573) 751-3222


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