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Duane Doty guides for trout on Lake Taneycomo in Branson.

Duane Doty guides for trout on Lake Taneycomo in Branson.

Being in Branson, Lake Taneycomo receives a lot of interest from tourists. People travel to the Ozarks in search of entertainment while also looking to soak up much of the surrounding natural splendor. A guided fishing trip on Lake Taneycomo allows visitors to achieve both at once, and no one is more equipped to show you a great time while putting a limit of trout in the boat than Duane Doty.

Doty guides out of Lilleys’ Landing Resort and Marina, which is Missouri’s premier trout fishing resort. He keeps his finger on the pulse of Taneycomo by monitoring the anglers and guides who fish out of the trout dock. He knows what the fish are biting on and where you need to go to catch them.

“I know the most productive areas to fish. We usually don’t have to go far before wetting the lines. I talk to my guests about what has been the best way to present the lure we will be fishing, how to retrieve the lure and what to expect as far as the bite. As the guests are fishing, I watch their lines, indicators and rods letting them know when they are getting bites that they may not be detecting. It usually does not take long before they catch on and start catching fish,” Doty said.

The Missouri Department of Conservation stocks approximately 750,000 trout in Taneycomo each year. These stocked fish allow for Taneycomo to actively serve trout anglers who want to keep their fish for eating. A lot of wild trout fishing is heavily catch and release, but because of the aggressive stocking program, anglers regularly keep fish, but not all of them are caught and kept early on. Some Taneycomo trout grow to impressive sizes. In fact, the state record brown trout, weighing 27 pounds, 10 ounces, came out of Taneycomo in 2005.

There are both brown trout and rainbow trout in Taneycomo. The daily limit per angler is four trout. Of your four, only one may be a brown and it must have a minimum length of 20 inches. In the “trophy zone,” which runs from below Table Rock Dam to the mouth of Fall Creek, there is a slot limit on rainbows. You must release any fish between 12 and 20 inches. Also in the trophy zone, you can only use flies and artificial lures. To fish anywhere between Table Rock Dam and the Highway 65 bridge, you must have a trout permit, as well as a fishing license. Regulations like these can be tricky to newcomers. A guide will keep you straight on the rules.

“I provide all the equipment necessary and all levels of instruction. I have taken 3-year-olds out to catch their first fish, taught seasoned spin fishers new techniques, introduced the world of fly fishing to people by teaching them to cast a fly rod, and taken the most advanced fly fishers to the next level by teaching them about streamer fishing at night for big trout,” Doty said.

If you’re traveling to Branson and want to give trout fishing on Lake Taneycomo a try, Duane Doty will do his best to ensure you have a fun and successful fishing trip that fits your schedule.

“I can take most of the learning curve out of trout fishing. I spend almost everyday fishing and talking to others about fishing Lake Taneycomo. I want my guests to catch as many fish of the best quality possible while fishing with me and to teach them the proper skills so they’re successful the next time they are out on their own,” Doty said.

To book a trip with Duane Doty, contact him through his website,, or give him a call at (417) 294-8672.

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