Missouri Resident Charged for Transporting Deer Out of State

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St. Louis, Mo | June 11, 2015 – Charles “Sam” James was charged for violating the Lacey Act by engaging in conduct involving the sale of white-tailed deer whose transfer violated both the Missouri and Florida Law.


James, 54, is the co-owner of Timber Hollow Whitetails, located near Mexico, Missouri. According to the indictment, in October 2013 James sold and transported 11 live white-tailed deer from Missouri to Florida. The transport violated state and federal laws. The shipping of the animals occurred after a Florida state law took effect that banned the importation of captive white-tailed deer.


It is against federal law to transport live white-tailed deer out of Missouri or into Florida without proper documents. This includes health records proving the animals are free of diseases, including chronic wasting disease.

“The illegal undocumented movement of captive cervids around our country puts wildlife at risk for disease. This unfortunate example shows why the captive cervid industry needs to be strictly regulated and closely monitored,” said Brandon Butler, CFM executive director.

If convicted, there is a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine or both. As it is always, charges in an indictment are accusations and do not prove guilt.

Information from a Department of Justice release, found here.


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