Q & A with Nick Younger, Award Winning Archer

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Nick Younger is attending our Explore the Outdoors: Kansas City event. He will be at Bass Pro Shops to teach youth proper archery techniques. Join us May 9 to hear more from Nick. Register here. 

Nick Younger Archery

What is your name?           Nick Younger

How old are you?                 12

Where are you from?          Kansas City, MO – GO ROYALS!!!

What is your goal?              To go to the Olympics.

Who are your biggest fans?                                                                                          My dad Dan and my mom Brenda have supported me from the very first shot as well as my big sis Katie and my big brother Jordan

How did you get into archery?                                                                                      I first got into archery when I saw my dad shoot at a local archery shop. After I saw him shoot, I thought I would try it. This was a while after I had a little Walmart bow at the age of 3. That year for Christmas I asked for a bow and I got a little camo genesis.  Shortly after, I went up to the archery range with my dad and I thought I was doing pretty good until I saw the really good shooters at the end of the range. I looked at my dad and asked if I get one of those bows. My dad said, “Yeah, if you stick with it.” So I did. We upgraded equipment as needed and that’s what got me here today.

How do you prepare for competitions?
I practice at the archery club one day every week before competitions. I was practicing with all the adults at 20 yards. It was fun shooting with them because  I knew they would be rooting me on in competitions. To get myself mentally prepared, I learn to zone people out so I can focus on my shots.

What advice would you give to first-time shooters?
For cub shooters, I would recommend you shoot at a longer distance to get used to holding and aiming longer.

What other sports or hobbies do you have?
Baseball, Soccer, Hunting, fishing, RC (radio control cars)


Nick’s accomplishments include being a multi-time Missouri State Champion in the Cub Division and currently holds the State Record Indoor Tournament score when he shot a perfect 600-120x over two days. He is also a 2 time National NFAA Champion and the 2014 Vega World Champion in the Cub Division and an alternate for the junior olympic team.


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