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Dear CFM Member,
Recall that in 2016, we began using a new process and timeline to bring CFM resolutions to the annual convention (you can find the timeline and process on the CFM website). This message is a quick reminder to get you thinking about the process now. Resource Advisory Committees (RAC) need to know if you have issues or topics which you believe should be addressed at the next convention. Yes, it’s several months away, but RACs will begin researching/discussing topics with their committees this fall and winter – the same as last year.

Of course, members may bring time-sensitive issues/topics to the attention of the Executive Director at any time during the year, but the next several weeks are a most important time for you to act if you want a resolution to be considered at the next convention. This advance work ensures that issues/topics are afforded the time they need to be fully researched and developed prior to the convention. You can find Executive Director contact information on the CFM website. Please provide your issues and background information before the end of December – but the sooner, the better!

At the last convention, this new way of working on resolutions in advance led to most convention resolutions being “pre-filed” in the months leading up to the convention – they were well-researched, had lots of input from various members, organizations and agencies, and required little editing during convention. Even if you are not part of any committee, remember that all of these pre-filed resolutions will be in DRAFT form until finally discussed and voted on by everyone in attendance at the convention.

To keep this important work timely, by-laws changes now determine that all resolutions expire after five years. These changes to the resolutions process help move us forward, doing better, more well-reasoned work for conservation, so get on board and get your issues considered!

If you have an important issue, and believe there should be a resolution considered at the next convention, provide the requested information HERE (Appendix C, from a previous document). This is the minimum amount of information you must include to have your ideas considered by a committee. PLEASE DO NOT send a simple list of ideas – other members will not have enough information to know what you intended, or may not be aware of your issue. Remember that the CFM staff and Executive Director, and the committees and chairs must have the background information YOU provide, in order to fully consider or research the topic. If you don’t provide background information, your ideas may not be considered – simply for lack of information and/or understanding.

Sent on behalf of the CFM Resolution Committee


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