Senate Bill 56 Substitute Addresses Non-Resident Permits

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Legislation that would have eliminated fees for resident hunting, fishing and trapping permits has been replaced by a substitute version of Senate Bill 56. The new version of Senate Bill 56 addresses non-resident landowner permits.

Senator Brian Munzlinger, the sponsor of Senate Bill 56, offered the substitute after learning Missouri would lose nearly $20 million in Federal reimbursements tied to the sale of permits.

The new version of Senate Bill 56 states, “Any United States citizen, business, or corporation who is not considered a resident of Missouri but owns at least seventy-five acres of real property in Missouri shall only be assessed fifty percent of the non-resident fee for any hunting, fishing, or trapping permit for use only on the real property owned. The cost of such non-resident permit shall apply toward the cost of any other non-resident hunting, fishing, or trapping permit fee. If a business or corporation owns the requisite amount of real property, only one person within the business or corporation shall be eligible to use the non-resident fee reductions specified under this section.”

“This change will provide greater incentive to those that pay property taxes in Missouri to stay longer and hopefully spend more money in the state while enjoying the outdoors on their own land,” said Senator Brian Munzlinger.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is working on a fiscal note and analyzing the impact of the bill.

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