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Guest blog post by Scott Bauer

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I have said you don’t always have to harvest an animal while hunting; you can ‘shoot’ it with your camera and appreciate its existence for years to come. Capturing the moment with the perfect camera ‘shot’ allows my friends, family and social media followers to see the beauty of Missouri.

I have an incredible passion for the outdoors, but I have always wanted to share the experiences I encounter with the people around me. I constantly found myself returning home to my family after a weekend of bow hunting or fishing, telling vivid stories of what I saw and experienced, but I never had anything to illustrate my encounters. Finally, I decided to capture some images and videos so family and friends who couldn’t join me could experience it just as I did. I thought what better way than to bring the woods home with me, through images.

Outdoor photography has always interested me, but I thought I could never afford all the expensive equipment. Throughout years of experiences in the Missouri timber and watersheds, I managed to capture all of its beauty with just my cell phone camera. Granted my cell phone didn’t have all the bells and whistles an expensive DSLR camera has, but it got the job done and people were noticing. You don’t need any expensive equipment to capture great photography; it just takes a creative mind and lots of time in the outdoors.

Elk in Lake

Developing into a true sportsman and naturalist, I’ve began to hone my ‘shooting’ skills with my Canon EOS 70D camera. Because it only takes a moment to stop and breathe in a gorgeous Missouri sunrise. And we cannot forget Missouri’s beautiful horticulture like its wildflowers and even tasty blackberries. To see more of my professional shots, go to my Instagram page, Scott.Bauer.Outdoors, or watch my YouTube, BeyondTheBowOutdoors.

flower and fisherman pair

Get out and ‘shoot’ some wildlife on your own! Remember, you don’t always have to harvest the animal to enjoy its presence. What will you go out and shoot next?

Guest post by Scott Bauer


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